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  • How To Live a Long, Happy & Healthy Life – Insights From Two Great TED Talks

    How To Live a Long, Happy & Healthy Life – Insights from two GREAT TED talks; What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | Robert Waldinger & How to live to be 100+ – Dan Buettner.

  • August 19: Linus Pauling died in 1994

    “The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.” ― Linus Pauling wikipedia Born Linus Carl Pauling February 28, 1901 Portland, Oregon, USA Died August 19, 1994 (aged 93) Big Sur, California, USA Residence United States Nationality American Fields Quantum chemistry Biochemistry Institutions As faculty member Caltech (1927–1963) UC San Diego…

  • August 19: Blaise Pascal died in 1662

    “The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” ― Blaise Pascal wikipedia: Born 19 June 1623 Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France Died 19 August 1662 (aged 39) Paris, France Residence France Nationality French Religion Roman Catholic Era 17th-century philosophy Region Western philosophy School Jansenism Proto-existentialism Main interests Theology Mathematics Philosophy Physics Notable ideas Pascal’s Wager Pascal’s triangle…