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  • You’re not missing out – Leo Babauta

    Another GREAT post from Leo Babauta… Fear of Missing Out – FOMO From the zenhabits post: Some ways we let the fear of missing out rule us: We check email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks often, in case we’re missing something important. We try and do the most exciting things, and are constantly in […]

  • Mindful Simplicity: Decluttering, Cleaning & Leaving No Trace – Leo Babauta

    A GREAT post from Leo Babauta… Decluttering & Cleaning (immediately after eating etc..) are habits I myself have “activated” but not yet “implemented”… I’m working on it. From the post: …. Cleaning and decluttering, for me, are mindfulness practices. They are not chores that I dread, nor ways to strive for a perfect living environment, […]

  • Beating the Anxiety of Online Reading – Leo Babauta

    Great inspiring post from Leo Babauta: Beating the Anxiety of Online Reading From the post: ….. It’s a matter of letting go, and realizing you can’t ever, ever possibly read 1% of the good stuff that’s out there. It’s absolutely impossible. And so you must let go, or the anxiety will never end. Trying to […]