Mindful Simplicity: Decluttering, Cleaning & Leaving No Trace – Leo Babauta

A GREAT post from Leo Babauta…

Decluttering & Cleaning (immediately after eating etc..) are habits I myself have “activated” but not yet “implemented”… I’m working on it.

From the post:


Cleaning and decluttering, for me, are mindfulness practices. They are not chores that I dread, nor ways to strive for a perfect living environment, but ways to practice living in the present moment. As such, they are some of my favorite things to do.

I wipe a counter with a rag, but I’m not doing it thinking, “This kitchen is so dirty!” (judgment) or “I wish people would clean up after themselves!” (expecting things to be different) or “I have a lot of work to do today” (future thinking) or “My son really got on my nerves when he said that this morning” (dwelling on the past). Or at least, when I do think these things, I notice them, and return to the wiping.

Please check out the entire post @ zenhabits.net

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