Category: Habit

  • Habit #5 – Prioritize your own health & happiness

    Here is a fundamental one. Many people sacrifice their own health & happiness in order for their loved ones to be happy. How can they not see that in order for your loved ones to be happy…. you need to be happy? Do you want your children to be happy? Do you want your parents to be […]

  • Habit #4 – Learn to say: “Zorro Circle” or “One thing at a time”

    This is a very powerful way of reminding us to stay cool and effective when your brain starts to feel overwhelmed. Zorro Circle From Shawn Achor’s wonderful book: “The Happiness Advantage:  The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work” ‘When challenges loom and we get overwhelmed, our rational brains get hijacked by […]

  • Habit #2 – Choose experiences over material goods

    I know that for some people this might not be the right way towards more happiness, but for most of us…. it is. Here is a quote from a great book (see books section): Want to buy happiness? Then spend you hard-earned cash on experiences. Go out for a meal. Go to a concert, movie, […]

  • Habit #1 – Family always comes first

    Maybe not so much a habit per say… more of a “rule” to live by. I put it in the habit section because it is the most important foundation of a happy & meaningful life.