Habit #9 – Eat a healthy breakfast – EVERY day

I think “everyone” knows this one. Sure you can dig up arguments.. and the occasionally article from somewhere claiming that breakfast isn’t that important . But you surely know better.

“When we fail to “break a fast” with a nutritious breakfast, it costs our brain dearly. If you eat breakfast, you will be more able to think clearly, remember important information, keep your energy high, and maintain balanced moods. In some ways, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the meal that ends the longest amount of time without eating – hence the term break-fast. Think of breakfast as the fuel for the day.”
~John Arden (From his book “Rewire your brain,…”)

This habit has been hard for me to establish… I’m not ready for food when a rise in the morning…. but I’ve found a solution, or rather routine, that I’m happy about:

Establishing a good morning routine is an essential part in building a healthy & happy life.

My morning* routine:

  • ~0500 rise & shine
  • large glass of red juice and manually add: ginger, lemon & tabasco.
    I also take a ginseng pill.
  • Physical & mental exercise
  • Journaling, habit logging/evaluation & brain puzzle
  •  ~0610 blogging for johannasvisions.com (“flow” fuels the soul)
  • ~0650 make breakfast for myself, wife & 2 kids:
    black whole-grain bread, hard boiled egg, herring, walnuts, almond, tomato, blueberry (or other berries),  avocado, grapes , water & tea.
Yes, I do the same “package” every morning…. love eggs & herring 🙂
It does not take much time.. and remember to boil eggs for 3 meals & put the extras in the fridge. 

* This routine is for weekdays. In weekends there is the “wine-factor” to consider.. I do much of the same things in the weekend as well, but.. not that early.

 For example, an optimum breakfast is an egg (protein), whole-grain toast (carbohydrate), and juice (fruit).
~John Arden (From his book “Rewire your brain,…”)


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