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  • Habit #3 – Habit: Review & Reflection

    I recommend running weekly & monthly reviews. I also do a “mid-year” (July) & end-year (late December) review. My weekly/monthly reviews is based on David Allen’s GTD system, with some modifications: Get all in-boxes to zero. All emails & paper has to be processed, no excuses… use your lists. Review all calendars: last week & the […]

  • Habit #11 – Physical Exercise – updated

    This is a vital habit. Exercise releases endorphins, oxygenates the blood and lowers stress. It also helps strengthen the immune system, improves energy levels, makes you feel better about yourself Scientists have shown that physical activity in the form of voluntary exercise results in an increase in the number of newborn neurons in the hippocampus […]

  • Habit #9 – Eat a healthy breakfast – EVERY day

    I think “everyone” knows this one. Sure you can dig up arguments.. and the occasionally article from somewhere claiming that breakfast isn’t that important . But you surely know better. “When we fail to “break a fast” with a nutritious breakfast, it costs our brain dearly. If you eat breakfast, you will be more able to […]

  • Habit #8 – Lower your caffeine intake

    Over a period of 20 years I used to drink around 10 cups of black coffee a day (Norwegians love black coffee). I usually drank 3-4 cups black coffee before having any breakfast.. truth be told.. black coffee was my breakfast. Normally I didn’t eat anything before lunchtime. During the last year’ish I’ve had a […]

  • Habit #7 – Falling Up – update

    This is not a daily habit.. hopefully. But it’s a good habit to learn.. we all “fall” now and then. It’s about using that downward momentum to propel ourselves in the opposite direction. It’s about capitalizing on setbacks and adversity to become even happier, even more motivated, and even more successful. It’s not falling down, […]